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event test 2

Event Test 2.  Viharati, ettavata kho, bho, ayam atta paramaditthadhammanibbanam patto hoti’ti. Satiya sammosa te deva tamha kaya cavanti. Imassa parajayo bhavissati iti va iti evarupaya tiracchanavijjaya micchajiva pativirato samano gotamo’ti. Itipetam bhutam, itipetam taccham.

event test 1

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Evam me sutam. Abbhantaranam rannam parajayo bhavissati, iti imassa jayo bhavissati. Asahitam te, purevacaniyam paccha avaca, pacchavacaniyam pure avaca. Nakkhattanam pathagamanam bhavissati, nakkhattanam uppathagamanam bhavissati, ukkapato bhavissati.

The Path of Awakening, an Introduction to Zen Buddhism

Tuesday Evenings October Oct 4-25 from 7:00- 8:30 at Zen Center of Pittsburgh

This discussion will include:

What is Zen Buddhism?

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  • section2

What is Zen Training?

What is Soto Zen?

  • The Emphasis on Zazen (Shikantaza)
  • The meaning and importance of forms and rituals
  • Soto Zen Practice in America

Each class will include a brief period of Zen meditation with plenty of time during each class for questions and discussion.
While the class is intended for the beginner anyone is welcome to join the conversation. Registration is required. Seating is limited.