An Olive Branch | Mediation
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Helping parties in conflict create a win-win solution

Disputes arise in practically all aspects of human interaction: the workplace, nonprofit organizations and churches, marriages and families, friendships, and neighborhoods or communities. Disputes center on disagreements about facts, procedures, behavior, expectations, values, and so forth.

Mediation is needed when two or more parties strongly disagree about a situation. Each thinks the other is being unreasonable and seems to be intent on doing as much damage as they can. Angry outbursts explode on social media webpages and productive communication becomes impossible.

Serving as a neutral third-party, An Olive Branch uses an informal, flexible process to help people resolve disputes. We employ an interest-based approach that systematically offers parties a structure to work through conflict and reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. We are not investigators and do not try to uncover the past; instead, we try to improve things for the future.

In the mediation process, An Olive Branch guides the parties to:

  • Clarify the issues
  • Identify each party’s interests
  • Generate options
  • Evaluate options through reality testing
  • Craft a written agreement in common language