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The following are links that have been checked by ZCP and found to promote the Buddha Dharma with integrity.

Nebraska Zen Center
Head Priest Rev. Nonin Chowaney.

Soto Zen Buddhist Organization of North America


The Soto Zen Buddhist Association represents Soto Zen in America on the national level. The whole purpose of the SZBA is to support and encourage the people, teachers and practitioners alike, who are doing this incomparable practice.

Buddhist information network. Wide variety of Buddhist resources.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship
The Buddhist Peace Fellowship is 22 years old and over 5,000 members strong. Our style of open-minded, open-hearted engaged Buddhism, our expanding programs in Asia and the United States, and our lively, immediate journal, Turning Wheel, serve as a beacon for Dharma activists committed to transforming the world and themselves. Through BPF, Buddhists of many traditions are invited to explore personal and group responses to political, social, and ecological suffering in the world. Our wide network of members, chapters, and affiliates is our greatest strength.

Chapel Hill Zen Center
Resident teacher Taitaku Patricia Phelan. Located in Chapel Hill, NC.

Dharma Field Zen Center
Head teacher Steve Hagen. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Excellent resource and information page for Buddhism.

Dharma Rain
Abbot Gyokuko Carlson , Co-Abbot Pro tem Kakumyo Lowe-Charde. Located in Portland, Oregon.

DMOZ Open Buddhist Directory
Largest collection of Buddhist links on the web. Edited by Buddhists.

International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism
Excellent resource for Zen Buddhist information.

Great Tree Zen Temple
Head Teacher Rev. Teijo Munnich. Located 15 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Online journal and resource center for Buddhism.

Mt. Equity Soto Zen Monastery
Head Teacher Rev. Patricia Dai-En Bennage. Located in Pennsdale, Pennsylvania.

San Francisco Zen Center
Information for SZC as well as Green Gulch Farm and Tassajara Monastery.

World Wide Web Virual Library Buddhism
Internet guide to Buddhism and Buddhist studies.

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