An Olive Branch ~ 2015 Free Ethics Webinar Series

Free Webinar Series on
Ethics in American Buddhist Groups

The Issue

Buddhist groups in the United Sates have been rocked in recent years by misconduct on the part of honored teachers – misconduct which, in some cases, had been going on for many years but was kept secret by teachers, boards, sanghas, and the victims themselves. Many Buddhist organizations appear to lack ethics statements and grievance procedures. Teachers, students, and governing boards seem unaware of their governance responsibilities and potential liability when misconduct occurs. Without robust ethics statements and strong governance, misconduct usually results in chaos and long-lasting damage to individuals and organizations.

Opportunity to Learn about the Issue
An Olive Branch is offering a series of free webinars to increase awareness and adoption of ethics statements within Buddhist communities in the U.S. The scope of the term “ethics” includes all aspects of ethical behavior such as student-teacher relationships, handling money, and power dynamics.
“Buddhist communities” includes all schools and traditions practicing in the U.S.

Each webinar will be presented by a prominent teacher, practitioner, or expert on ethics and will be facilitated by An Olive Branch.

Featured Presenter on January 27, 2015
Shinge Roshi, Abbot of the Zen Studies Society, will participate in an interview, January 27, 2015, from 2:00 – 3:00 Eastern Time. Shinge Roshi will share her first-hand experience living through a sangha's pain and confusion caused by misconduct and then leading the re-building of that sangha and its board.

Shinge Roshi is also the Abbot of the Zen Center of Syracuse, Hoen-ji. She was the first American woman to receive transmission in the Rinzai School of Zen Buddhism. The Zen Studies Society ( is based at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji monastery near Livingston Manor, NY and at the New York Zendo Shobo-ji in Manhattan.

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An Olive Branch
An Olive Branch strengthens organizations by helping leaders understand the role of conflict in organizational health.

  • To proactively address conflict, we offer dispute resolution training and help organization design ethical governance procedures.
  • To respond in the midst of disruptive conflict, we provide organizations with processes for healing and restoring harmony.

An Olive Branch brings the calming influence of a neutral third party, inspired by the tradition of Buddhist teaching that stretches over 2500 years.

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