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An Olive Branch provided an excellent training in mediation for our group of young professionals. I have heard multiple stories from individuals who have used the method in professional and personal situations to resolve daily conflicts. I would recommend An Olive Branch to groups who are seeking solid training in communication methods for personal and professional goals.

What Education and Training is Available through An Olive Branch?
An Olive Branch provides educational sessions that increase leaders’ knowledge about organizational issues and that encourage thinking about ways to improve the health of their group.
Our training sessions impart skill to organizational leaders so meetings and conversations are more effective and participation is increased.
We offer the following sessions, each of which is customized for the needs of the organization:

When to Offer Education and Training?
When organizations invest in education and training, leaders and members are better equipped to make inclusive decisions, have more effective conversations, and reduce the impact of conflict. Boards are able to establish expectations and policies that help guard against the devastation arising from misconduct on the part of a trusted leader.

Let’s Talk!
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