Reflection and Healing

Helping members listen and be heard

It was immeasurably valuable to hear from each person and to understand the depth of his or her feelings. I felt that I walked away with a better understanding of other perspectives and the people who hold them—even and perhaps especially those with which I did not agree.

After a community goes through a difficult or traumatic shared experience, hope for the future of the organization may seem bleak. Although it is important to not be stuck in past struggles, participating in a formal healing process is an important step in forming a cohesive future. Creating an intentional space for exploring how events unfolded and allowing everyone to say what needs to be said is a deeply powerful experience. We facilitate this session through:

  • A presentation on the history of the particular issue in other communities
  • A timeline activity that promotes more uniform understanding of what happened, when, and why
  • A session that provides adequate space for members to say what needs to be said, to be heard, and to hear and understand others.