An Olive Branch

An Olive Branch strengthens organizations by helping leaders understand the role of conflict in organizational health.

  • To proactively address conflict, we offer dispute resolution training and help organization design ethical governance procedures.
  • To respond in the midst of disruptive conflict, we provide organizations with processes for healing and restoring harmony.

An Olive Branch brings the calming influence of a neutral third party, inspired by the tradition of Buddhist teaching that stretches over 2500 years.

White paper by An Olive Branch
"Clergy Sexual Misconduct and the Misuse of Power"

Free Webinar Series on
Ethics in American Buddhist Groups

The Issue
Buddhist groups in the United Sates have been rocked in recent years by misconduct on the part of honored teachers – misconduct which resulted in chaos and long-lasting damage to individuals and organizations. Many Buddhist organizations appear to lack ethics statements and grievance procedures.

Opportunity to Learn about the Issue
Although the live webinar series for 2015 has concluded, An Olive Branch offers you the opportunity to experience the webinars for free on our website. The series aims to increase awareness of ethical issues in American Buddhism today and encourage the adoption of ethics statements for organizations. Each webinar is presented by a prominent teacher, practitioner, or expert on ethics and facilitated by An Olive Branch.

Find the entire Ethics in American Buddhism 2015 webinar series here.

May 5th webinar ~ Creating a Strong, Safe Sangha
with An Olive Branch founding members, Rev. Kyoki Roberts and Ktheryn Wiedman, Ph.D.

On May 5, 2015, the series on Ethics in American Buddhist Groups concluded with a final webinar featuring presenters Rev. Kyoki Roberts: Founder of An Olive Branch and former Head Priest at the Zen Center of Pittsburgh and Katheryn Wiedman, Ph.D., co-director of An Olive Branch and BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer.

In this webinar, Kyoki and Katheryn present and discuss a framework for good governance practices that reduce the incidence and severity of conflict and a method of handling conflict effectively when it arises. This session ties together the themes developed in previous sessions. Watch the webinar in its entirety here:

An Olive Branch featured
in Buddhadharma magazine

Confronting Abuse of Power ~ Buddhadharma, Winter 2014

The cover story of the winter 2014 issue of Buddhadharma magazine is titled Confronting Abuse of Power (page 46). In the article, Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat, one of four panelists, speaks about the value of working with An Olive Branch.

There is also a full-page sidebar titled “BE PROACTIVE: An Olive Branch presents an action plan for protecting sangha members from abuse and dealing with it if it happens” (page 50).

Read about An Olive Branch in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette