Spiritual Adults in Community Training

Spiritual Adults in Community is a workshop that focuses on the roles and responsibilities, power dynamics, and family systems within your organization. It explores what it means to be a spiritual adult and what a community of spiritual adults might look like. It examines boundaries in spiritual communities and questions what to do with feelings of “crossing the line.” It addresses how to empower members with clear and effective grievance procedures that establish a culture of transparency and trust.

Two day workshops allow us to create a timeline of your organization's history, looking at past difficulties and significant events with the intention of learning. Once a clear vision of community has been cultivated, An Olive Branch works with you to create a plan moving forward.

Spiritual Adults in Community training includes:

  • Understanding organizational governance – roles and responsibilities
  • Exploring boundaries – use and abuse of power
    • What do I do when something goes wrong?
    • Is my spiritual leader teaching or crossing a line?
    • Where can I go for help?
  • Developing and improving grievance procedures
  • Learning communication skills to clarify difficult situations,
  • Exploring spiritual adulthood through role play scenarios, and
  • Gaining a sense that each member holds a piece of the puzzle.

Example Workshop Schedule

9:30  Welcome!

  • Introductions
  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Gain an understanding of roles and responsibilities within community
  • Gain an awareness of power within those roles
  • Learn use of communication skills to clarify difficult situations
  • Gain a sense that each member holds a piece of the puzzle
  • Methods
  • Use of lecture, exercises, small groups, and role plays to model and teach spiritual adulthood within a community.
  • Introduce family systems theory, have a discussion of power, and teach a process to use for difficult conversations.
  • Spiritual Adulthood
  • What is a spiritual adult?
  • What does a community of spiritual adults look like?
  • Community as Family
  • Community as Power Differences

12:30 - 1:15 Lunch

  • Communicating within your Community
  • Dealing with Difficulties
  • The New Community
  • Closure

5:30   End of Day