Communication Training

Difficult Conversations is a training that provides your members with skills and experience in effective communication and problem-solving. Specifically designed for interpersonal relations (work, family, and friends), Difficult Conversations teaches a dialogue and listening process based on the process used in professional mediation.

We call it the Shared Wisdom Process. When conflict arises either in our personal or professional life, we have a variety of defense mechanisms that kick in to either push the conflict away or keep it going until we “win.” Difficult Conversations asks us to step into the middle of the conflict with the support of Shared Wisdom.

Difficult Conversations training includes:

  • Understanding the nature of conflict and each person’s role in it,
  • Learning the Shared Wisdom Process, creating win-win solutions,
  • Practicing effective communication through role play scenarios, and
  • Using this type of communication in life’s various relationships.

Example Workshop Schedule

9:00  Welcome!

  • Introductions
  • Overview
  • Shared Wisdom Process – creating win-win communication
  • Conflict – types, feelings, reactions
  • Listening – using passive and active listening effectively
  • Using the Shared Wisdom Process:
  • Opening Statements, Clarification, Summary
  • My Turn, Issues and Human Values, Setting the Problem

12:30 - 1:15 Lunch

  • Q&A
  • Role play – using Shared Wisdom up to “setting the problem”
  • Review of Shared Wisdom Process and next steps:
  • Option Generation, Reality Testing, Reaching Agreement
  • Facilitation
  • Role play – entire process, debrief
  • Review, Evaluation

5:00   End of Day