Working with Boards

Board Governance training will pay dividends, long-term, in the smooth operation of your organization. An energized, effective board leads to a thriving organization; an ingrown or rubber-stamp board leads to a declining organization. Investing in board development is a wise use of resources.

Experienced consultants from An Olive Branch can:

  • Conduct a board self-assessment and design training to fill the gaps
  • Train the board in its fiduciary responsibilities, including fund raising
  • Guide the development of a board manual
  • Establish a system for building a policy manual and keeping it up-to-date
  • Review your bylaws and identify provisions that may trip the organization later.

Strategic Planning is one of the most important responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors. It can be energizing but also frustrating. Consultants from An Olive Branch can build on the excitement and eliminate the frustration by facilitating a strategic planning process that will lead to consensus on action items and develop the buy-in needed to implement them.

We are experienced in the following methods as well as in developing creative methods that suit the unique context of your organization: